Wait Right Here

nothing can touch
a finger-tipped point of equivalence but
the sound which they are met by, requiring
outside pane
of window shoe
of lace-snow snoop
of pine-rose pop-corn to-and-
throw over-board cut-throat
dynasty sort through
board and rope mulch
placenta-lettuce climbing incapacitated ladder

which sells us dental plan
kind of formulation
porch-fed malnutrition, wrestling
clock-worth spellbound cockroach investment agencies, there
must be some rest in these

various freezers, fog-horn addressing
hornet frog spork assessing hog-mourn
talking floss-spore mending horse-breath

to do good things for those who hear these things form for formulating morphs for frontal
assimilation, there must be
something in this roaming,
in search of legs
never found trash-bin-nose-deep in vegetation,
with long-thin tooth nipping
wind out of a detail and
emailing it
to the donor,

hears this and remembers to exit sunlight through a small knife-hole
inside the tube
for delivering pizza, but

mention this
and the curtain
goes flying, and all becomes
lost to a theoretical horizon, driven
to escape such possibility, the
problems must remain at eye-level, one at a time, regardless
of how many cars pile
on top the silence, with

dial-set star-pluck gaze sets
strings with un-attached,
forbidden equation, aligning
to spinal-shaft precision—
undeniable registered harmonics
synchronize instantly, spontaneously—
a note is heard
of directive—
play courses through ravines the veins of hearing aids, who
sides with

sand grains
as they speckle
a mountain-face of
which immediately exchanges rooms in a moment of instance,
numbers, letters, and dates, prune
dried fork rusting alarmed doors over-large speaker delivery sneak in

the robotic arm,
seize it with full strength—
rip vocals out of short-circuit pit of hairs’ deal—

right ear

to the heart in the hole
a moment previous and this simply would’ve never existed, now


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