Get in There!

upstairs he watches movies of ghosts and
having not had dinner or having had not yet dinner,
dinner awaits

somewhere in the grocery store
unbought by these filthy fingers, checking
out vegetables with unattached notions of coupon
potentials, a quick
scan of the barcode tells you everything—

rodeo music haunting the seams of yet another
un-had party wolfing out shuffles of microwave distances
where houses through a storage bin
oyster-fin finishes guzzle of quick-check then doubles-back
gaining access premium channel, nostril
nodged in notches nose-goes needle-knee deep turning
key fidget to ring-tone chopped liver, lift

me when you get a chance will you,
there are too many
cues in noodle surrounding planets
offer-boar bouncing ozone recollections
the thing is

every which horse fed radio spooks steam into yet
more motion and this creates a dizzy effect above a toilet, beneath
secret basements wait with a shuffle in the clue of a neck-itch, listen

were those squirms from a puzzle-look, pieces
are in need of second guessing their chins, grip
a quick list, let’s ledge our attraction facilities in marginal limitation,
happenstance, consequences
then short-circuit before insurance ever gains lock on the tentacle-feeler-information-abort-consotrium-cereal-box-conventional-management-tendon-order, the one which always frequents a restroom, one more
turn in the rude-lever and we’re in


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