Don’t Wait, Cut It!

Is there something missing
between these milk crates, slit
with slats of seeing stars up ahead, or


nothing at all but an emotion
standing in foreground—tall fountain focusing
thoughts through binocular, trees

at brow squeeze

lemons’ furniture advance in the brushes, rush-strokes it, stoked
fires made by the chameleon, who
in the observatory flanks gourds with a shank-shallot illuminated by broth-wart, the
homeostasis in it all

crawls for dear pardon, but
can it equate to the loose ends as they sputter near out of a
fold and into full bloom during October’s birth-pang, gauge
the groomer before gangs the rumor merges to platform
no other than the reals of continual turnip-spew-shudder, cleave

and let loose those oranges would you
send a kettle to church-school in those heals
as quick as a purse of alligator letter in the
mail never arrived later in the
gender-frequency of what waits below skin-itch
offering to turn screws of the knob-less sector, hear

orioles croon, fish sleek with null-hardwood lute-fleck their
data from a resourceful control panel under the stairs, hatched
with bile-partitions vile incorporated neon-categories, justice
sits in honest behavior—yet

wield a
stop where
pulse un-thickens and sift
lifts gold between probiotic diamonds, one
quick inhale
of this
and the couch turns purple
just to rehearse its where-abouts
in front of an audience for a non-existent performance, bathroom
mirror merges with greatness, and zooms
protrude through the dirt—but

what of inclination, as it

wanders between appetite, un-holsters parenthesizes and
stabs cotton, iron glued to a matchstick, proving
points catches card-flash-backs further to cargo-held-back-throated, deep
wooden planks for short circuiting co-operation, why
not snap the large scissors over the jaw-jabbering arthritic-arithmetic-wire before larvae
intrude from the seams of a leaky mention—if not
we all know what happens,
to wait a moment more will cost the world



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