Know Them More

a battery lies dormant in what has
not been experienced yet, the doors
of which have already opened and
are the physiology of now

beneath the surface of the people in the sauna, hearing
their thoughts, simply
by smelling realities, the
thickness of sweat bares all—most

are poisonously insecure and are self-absorbed with
what-others-think-and-have-thought-of-them, they
are all there, whether they like it or not, the night
does not

hide when it is exonerated to pledge its significance to heat, and
with an extended palm it’s easy to behead
what sleeps but cannot see and shrinks when it is rubbed with mis-
aligned energy-fields and

corresponds whether anyone likes or not
to what happened when when whatever it was was simply not worked out yet, and
there it all is, a city
in the process of being built but was frozen in time by volcanic ash, people-statues
of rock, frozen
people inside bodies which sweat out the night, and I

don’t look at them, we
must mind our own business, they
too are, if not
intending it or not, attempting
to feel into

whatever it is that sits in the corner, again
nothing to hide in the village of secrets for they are all whispers
we can easily share, simply

and I your friend an expression of
the physiology of now, opened
doors that never went anywhere, they
have no patience because they are not patient, they
are not impatient because they have no patience, they
are simply there

do you want to know them more?


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