Beauty Appears

No one knows beforehand what will about a new color of experience, yet beauty appears as radiance of an analysis as result of a thing emanating as occurrence in experience, contains the constituents of events and is the alteration of whatever else may have appeared in its location.

The significance of a flashing icon moving from left to right across a space relates to the beauty of the color of the transparency of the body who encounters these shapes, who simultaneously experiences the objects they are.

There is a space among objects on a line moving left to right that indicates the reality of a language function, the way a human reminds itself of its own humanity, a sense of the real as an affirmation of moving-space, as if space would be able to, or simply does, see.

Beauty can appear from what constitutes as around an object.

A picture of a Hopi star-man in a frame, a picture, makes a vibration, a place to put attention, a transmission.

Time may appear as an object. The 2 dimensional line of a text which separates intention from what is perceived by an outer-space (you) is the same space between exists in with all objects, an ordered/syntax/succession/unfolding/placement/adherence appears a person, or we, a people, as in what apprehends depends upon liminal-capacities of a muscular development; an order of recalling, substantiating/semantics, concretizing, seeing-knowing, and integrating—

available, then for the next immediate, rapid fire birthing-energized-space.


Particles, sound-bytes, functional units, as registered/apprehended makes a realistic continuum, in how the space between relates to a third, hypothetical event, as what becomes—as how rainbows beneath a frame admits a spacial possibility for continuation of a human possibility on the other side of the glass, a thin space for feeling as identified by the material constraints of a body, from which perceived order appears, depends on having a recognized felt sense of relation.

A line forms from a body typing a voice through which no sound of the words occurs aloud, and no other sound other than the occurrence of now attributed letters, formulating syllables, then words, can pass.

This voice is a feeling of recognition without a situation attached, without dreams as known in ideal exaltation behind consumerist glass, selling a simulation of an idea to an Other who, due to the function of consumption, appears pre-perceived to receive the expected experience (a simulated experience); generating a supply and demand loop that fulfills itself before it is conceived; the machinery of being human providing a reliably machine oriented world for our dreams.

This event could occur in this location, however this single line differs from pre-conceived particles, as it does not follow the neurological pathways of a reifying confirmation for what it is to straighten directives by inducing their capitalistic transparencies for ownership. Instead, syllable-by-syllable the length of a line becomes the inhabiting structure for an unfolding experience, indicative of the not-yet identified curvature of space, soon to appear realized. See

a relation where no language has yet to exist and a spacial recognition flashes from accidental linkages during the space-of-between, and as this occurs, objects are magnetized to join the status, which embodies what cannot now become denial, a color never having existed a moment ever before, and now, we can use this color.


Someone painted the star-man, rainbows surround his body. Looking upon the image, we can locate the relation of objects to each other, an induction towards learning occurs. The image of the space it recalls, creates a beauty as an analysis of reality for learning—time remains suspended as a hole containing a width and height as duration of apprehending—as feelings change, the energy of a birthing situation continues with transparent objects of phenomena—realistically, a surface of identification appears as particles of information as spawned from recognizing the space, such an image corresponds with—fulfilling the elements of what it is to experience.

A particle, after a particle, even if sensation calls it a rush, unfolds across left to right, magnetizing bodies to it, light gravitating towards the light behind each word appearing here providing a shade for understanding whatever is seen by whoever sees it whenever it is seen for however long it appears to be so.

Meaning has murdered these possibilities with its materialization of a third dimensional misunderstanding of landscape-vibrations—if

it is seen, there is a voice speaking as an image of a star-man, and what it speaks cannot be contained by the confines of its language, but rather emits transmission to whoever experiences whatever is experienced when it is experienced, to re-enter into it is to re-enter the space of not-yet-experience.

Now distinguish a home from a house and understand functionality as a horizon of lines appears from left to right, unfolding its way, through the symbology of our differences, acting on a word, animating it to flicker a sensation of sequences becoming perceptually perpetual in an order of becoming-perspective—making one large structure for relation, creating a scale of order, a body of form, a measure of space, a proportionate attribute of reality, a possible human experience designing the space from which it appears.


What relation there is between time and the rainbows appearing around the star-man’s body may be found in the duration of apprehending what experience is transmitted as, no one is doing anything to anyone, the affirmation of sunlight without a physical star present, or the sound of wings from a winged-creature, which is not present. To see an unfolding trace of vibrations glow, as a nature of color before it formulates into difference, a feather of a trace from a ground without a solid base, empty space emanating a frame for following function to completion, as a pathway for later examination, an underlining thread of unfolding lines appears as a hum of continuation—this

animal of a syllable shape, animate-living-space, as phenomenon, as experience itself, without a body, before conception, or understanding, a self-existing color pertaining to the inseparable laws of between and its corresponding attributes of space and object, the liminal consciousness of incarnating reality on-as-being—out of which

appears a star-man with wings surrounded by rainbows—

left to right these words are read; the transparency of content provides a dimensional interface non-symbolic but actual to the light-behind-the-eyes of the human who corresponds within the depths of reading light—appearing

from light of the words unfolding slowly across the screen of content of being what it is to read anything appearing appears experience—

of light the location of placed apprehended value on close attention to what grows the distance from you to some distant spacial number, expands all sides into darkness as a color appears from between—

manifesting a realistic time—what a horizon of a line generates, a transparency of living, while you
look and watch the screen as a muscle of reading, the relation between spaces of semantics and the utility of syntax creates an absolutely specific singularity of phenomenal material unique to the quantum of what is in occurrence—

to share this, would be too soon, to remain in the oblong-elastic depths of this non-plastic concrete song of epiphany harmonics ranging the dimensions of being—is to become living-gnosis, stay with this space as it is what you are writing as what is appearing between what is emerging and perception will dismantle, is dismantling, the criteria of what it is to be considered human, and light recalls the formation of being anything—becoming

an experience


Here is the body of a person.

There are rainbows around the body.

Time is the spaces between.

Whatever is seen is relevant.

Outside of what is not seen, does not exist.

Unfolding from space, what built the space for building an experience, a temporary location of what it is to live.

No one is making a line between the space inside a location as a line of words unfolds across the screen. Moments are born from the result of a movement of color. Shapes of a multitude express flight and emulate gold-bands of rainbow-light—a measure

which cannot become considered void of, is a hybrid stance, its simultaneity, of human yet vibration, of stillness yet in-form—the person surrounded by rainbows is a horizon made of words, an oracle of ordinary life, nothing turned towards or away from anything—

meaning has devoured the beginning and flows into different emotional receptors, what appears is a description as a shard of sound, the content within it, the result of apprehending space between itself, objects surround, a body is made of a multitude of them—in a sense of this an emotion flows open and contains synchronicity as it is fluid, a focus of time through the body of sensing color, a perception as an experience of being human—more

real than ideas.


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