Catch Fire or Die

because the side of the screen that is
not a knot
is in the foreground—

each precision kept in the mind-frame
of what
cloudless-festivals potentially remain at

home with when touched in registered
places, or
having not known

basements, triggers,
which isn’t unclean, but
necessary tickles for window

surfaces to rub in the
dislocation of here

with these proximities, a
sense of
becoming drifted

apart by too many
spoons and

forking a
way through
streets which may

have significance to
a grandmother
on someone’s father’s side

these chess
pieces—are too

and cement-coagulated in unexplained radishes, how
can a horse-lover-owl-lover bird feed
any of these sport-dressings to their

proper cabinets
without laughter or becoming
too grumpy—

these matters
won’t congeal, thin
layer over hot milk,

in a disco song,
cow-head floats

through incredulity, NASA
baloney, buffalo, what
does a trunk

have in common with
fungus, luck

bones from the
skeleton of a growing tree, here
comes a star-born

orchestration, raw
to unprepared


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