What Inhale

zero count down are you
on or

what’s the problem
where’s the drill-bit, what’s the

or heel before the sign-post, time
has split

ends and the voices
of both sides
are becoming louder, yet

inseparable their tethers spin, their
at the center of everything

unswaggering, here
comes the wind, how
will an ear divide this, how
will what a will
become when

what a will drills on
is a split stillness in
everyone, when, at
what point will

it become, clumped
with lungs, what
side is heard in these visions

what circles or squares
drawn when
heard or seen

when blurred or when
swirls escape their deranged feelings
for something outside

the moment
outside the moment is this

also, how
will anyone tell, when
what is
it to tell is alone

left to faculties of the one
and only
anyone is

line has been drawn
music from it plays

noise of a shape heard
sound of a color known

where do you stand
what do you walk towards

what’s on your breath


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