Viral Windows

music upstairs has resume its
sound, its
noise the color of the radio, the
silence over a fabric of skin fabricating
what skin does when skin
encounters itself in different form, formations
of these windows explore what
formations of imposed windows have
sold themselves for, who
purchases the cell are the one’s who
find a block worth necessary for sitting in, and
displaying from, was it
poor parenting, was it
a simple act of poor judgment,
windows pour themselves into the porous
purchases of a wallets’ extended, enters
pours of the person who purchased
what windows
have said is what will never become forgotten, lies,
lies enter and lay waste into
behavior and behavior
encounters behavior
and they enter each other and make one
culture of a multi-bacterial interchange, and
the virus of corrupted gestures
spreads across the bodies who are touched by the hands of the
people who are bought
by what they purchase from airwaves, and the virus
spreads across, waves’ air, as it
sells swarms to the ears who hear the noise
which corresponds with a shape inside
themselves that may fit the window
demanded to import, and imported
windows sit and set the sun and the earth
as it spins, it sets it—
it sets the frequency, tempo, and timing, it
sets words and the movements of muscle
required for speaking, breathing, eating, it
sets how, and when, and
as it does
the earth loses itself


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