dilate or the reception will become junked
with too many on-and-on’s, and it’s not
unnecessary, for

when the specific is tunneled through with the vision of moving walls,
without maze,
directed light appears, of

course at the expense of what didn’t
appear in, yet
if it didn’t then what relevance to what is necessary did any of those
theories have—

maps of potential courses, yet
one unexplainable realism appears and directs course, strikes
towards the light

at the end of the vein tipped a clear and liquid fluid spurts
as affirmation of continuance, the
disembodied lightning of information moves

beyond shores and interests and enters consciousness
from a less dense circulation than
previously explored, and what coagulates

are fields of grain and non-genetically modified fields of corn, but
before that
a mass incarnation of non-locatable space-time will intervene, it
won’t matter

whether you’re at the grocery store
sitting on the toilet
or fucking a machine


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