the shape of a cave that will equate to the procedure of land

remaining the same
in poised-breath
remaining different

under stress

lines curve weave and open
less anticipating around

underpass perceived from wind
less fear
inhales the sentence and ingests insides which were not meant for a storage basins

oxidized to rest
messages contain facilitation intact
zero traction may intervene with sets

jets of air may blast seams from step
just for minutes before ends visits leant corners worried by
injuries which may not quarter context

vexed the checked seconds develop messes of
stabbed lenses
to invest their specs with just
the right amount of madness to

their advantages, something of a blast, yet
of course
these pieces remain unabhorred only
within reach of justice absorbed with
dust bins of scab-scores of rash-swarms
binge herding theory gourds in a
loudspeaker of

formless storm drains
of course these things do not touch
the shape

of what remains untouched by procedure to


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