gentle the call
is made and is found in the

as it transmits
frequencies undisguised
pregnant with

and their lineages
of thread-line

one at a time, a bundle is uncoiled and energy within
reveals, unscrolling, tied-around-posts of paper, unsealed,
energy is free to meander

inseparable from the information it had concealed,
which, also, a vibration, a bandwidth, of many
tones wrapped in one-time, as the colors

and flag out further, carrying
their posts to the ends of apprehension’s region, the
sound of their might

is known within the reaches of threshold, the synaptic
discharge of non-violent dynamite, without
ghosts, epiphanies

discharge their country-sides to the limit of its
seer, and as the remnants are clearly identified, what is

is what was discovered in the moments before
anything was ever conceived, and
with all strata as relevant as any other, due
to the reality of acknowledging the colors of a thick-display, the
shapes of human

the skies of their multitude
begin to become realized, and as they do
the ends of their threads dissolve, as what

are the densities of their trajectory, their
immediate and undeniable lives, which
flicker a wind

of the lips to the mouth which allows them
to leave and take entrance in the ears and eyes

of others


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