War Enters Mind-Hooks, Pulp-Cysts

at the risk of skunks, myth
marks tempters, wiggling sown dust-nymphs
that perfect knifing glob, suds sylph
bazaar-vetch tinkling soft plush wynd,
a stench links box-club hymns
astral bereft digs on cumulus pyx

as the blind donor slurs, dry
garb egged-foghorns curl by
adamant, reverent, gongs hurl rynd-
stabs pebbled with sorrow hums, dry
as the wind-sword-huffs why
warm fleeced-singing-cotton upturns crypt—

ransack secret distinct spot, truth-cry
gnaws pewter whilst crosstown scud fly
and greed jiggling gold-cuff-jynx—
charms the rigid door-slug gypsy—
attracts welder inscribing wood, hush, pry
larval chewed dirt, doctors hunt myrrh,

warn the timid conch, tufts sync
hawk skewer, fixing fog, lunch-synth
attacks helpless instinct, food-surge, xylyls
harass self-centered critics, sport-clump, wry
paragraphs enter insipid hot slurps, spy,
ash seerers might plot plump-syph—

a herder twisting cocoon rumps, try
map-recess, tight rooms lug pygmy
backlash wherever light zooms, run, scry
at the sight of rust, shy
hazards shepherd frigid owls, cut sly,
aghast ledges, lit storms pump rhy

amass, teeth lift motor buzz, syzygy
can peck ticks off bug-glyphs—
thwart relentless bribing, flood, gut-fry
sap, glen ditching cow surplus, gyp
databank penned in volts, fund-lymph
falls, hexed with known stunts, lynch


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