Grass Feeding Plains

spots mock motor-glow moseying through crock-pots of curly-queue
wearing smocks, gloves, and a curfew—curtailed to merge wormwood with ring-tone
forest-floor, the rear-a-view hodge-podge continues

see through groups forming fulcrum courtrooms, few have ever seen, spores grown
escort corners to their mortar built splenic-feed, fourscore films funny beach scene, sandy shores bleached by white steaks, heat up, then inflict sputum upon bon-bon treats, greeting

card markets capitalized on card-carrying operating machines, operators pour portions of their mourning into porous moist-machines, bolt, vault, voltage-vulture-restored tweaks leaks to resemble meaningful leads, but such rubbish brings decoy ducks to defunct upon

disloyal trustees, treason verifies false integrity, and this costs more than anything, risk spilling-the-beans, drill-bits which heave-and-cleave, provide reason, shaky grounds know shaky things swing between suspicion and actual speech

ding-dong, Lincoln-logs march to deregulate mounds needling corn-cob leach-inhaled-wads through seldom heard of towns lodged inside our brains, grass feeding plains, within cow-people resembled DNA traits spying close upon untrained made technological I


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