Contributing Factors

mulch-cloud heavy sky-rusts much
molt-tufts of mutt-rubber, hair of which
heir of witch which distills marked-down costumes—

brooms stick mink with mint-conditioned magic
not much will be missed, hit-and-run spit, lists-and-lists of much, run
rum-jugs, nubs of numb-rust-limbs, luggage dusts stuff, struts musk with love-grubs

munching on cottage-strummed plump-lumps, pump-pump, cuts moss from
moldy posts, smoldering, mostly overgrown with this hogwash smut, grump-ruts
hobble over lung-huffs, long-waltz, drugs cough-cough, huh—

fungus does this to this fuss then puts off prong-puffs to puff-up smudged bluffs, but
lunch munches on making gold-spun cloth with little less than mustard-mud-red-dandruff, gulp, not much more can be said about prune dried mud, but hush—

listen, what stays on, dries up, and lives off of dead mucus, much of which can be contributed to much of what goes on with grown ups robbed of life’s gentle touch


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