Underway Shade

upstairs he’s sleeping
he doesn’t know yet
I’m leaving at the end of October

but he will know
sooner than he knows
he knows and suddenly

it will all click into place,
came by to fill in the shadow

of a house-wall—
I knew
though nobody had told me

he was the shade beneath the ceiling
I’ve currently, am-have-been-
occupying, that will be a different

shade in the same spot I’ve been inhabiting, but all
without warning—it took
after writing a beautiful email about all the great things happening here, for

the next day to happen, when
finally she, my
boss came and spoke to me

the transition is already underway, yes
I still have a palpitating heart, but that’s not the point, the
point is he will move in here November 2nd
the same day I move out, clones

of the same space shaping in the shade which already is,
with one shade gone another replaces it, and the cycle
continues, until maybe, just maybe

one day, some big head-republican-honcho at the top of the ladder
realizes the system he begs for cuts
isn’t humane and therefor not sustainable for anybody, but

most likely this is socialist propaganda and the suffering
below the ceiling here is only a shade


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