It’s Sharing Time

what if there were past lives
and the earth had memory and it
told certain people who wanted to know earth’s memory

certain mysterious and magical things
and these people made a deep unbreakable relationship
to the earth and what the earth told them and to their own experience of everything

and these people
because of their love for the earth was so strong
and the earth’s love for them was so strong, would

keep returning to earth
time after time after time
learning and gaining more information about what the earth-knew

as an exchange with what experience of humans knew, and as
time went on, and more magical mysteries were revealed to these people, what
if, just what if

the earth called these people to counsel
where everyone who had this information
had to sit around and talk about their experiences of their earth-memory
to help one another understand what was going on, and

what if, just what if
the earth told everyone there they were going to have to do something with the earth-memory each person carried, and told each person individually what they alone had to do with the memory they carried, and that

one day those memories of the earth, in far distant lifetimes,
would have to be revealed openly to whoever was living on the earth at that time,
at the right time, at the time
when people might actually have the possibility of hearing those memories, as a way

of illuminating the human experience to what the earth knows, and what if
just what if,

those times are now,
and earth is calling the earth-carrying-memory-people, to
awaken to the information and relationship they have and have had with the earth
from life times ago

and now it’s time to share


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