Computer Virus

yesterday a virus had infected my computer
pop-up ads I couldn’t stop invaded my computer, my
computer required some immediate help, and when I called one of the numbers
from a pop-up—

guess what I got
more scammed by the teleprompt people who
were not real professionals but part of the scam
the virus on my computer had manifested, when

it appeared, the virus that is, when the virus had appeared, a
number appeared on the screen with it, the screen with
the number on it, was part of the scam, so I called the number, the
number when it appeared had promised that the teleprompt people could fix it, could

fix the virus, but I didn’t know they were part of the virus too, so I called
and talked to this guy, and he told me I needed to pay $300
when I told him I was going to back everything up on a
hard drive he said, that’s a good idea, and he
hung up on me, now

I didn’t know he was part of the virus too, not
until I started looking this stuff up, I looked up lots of stuff about this virus,
I researched for two hours, I even watched a YouTube tutorial about how to manually
trash the files attached to the problem—after

I did that, and still no luck, these pop-up ads still sickening the computer I
found a legit program, I downloaded it, then uploaded it, and ran the software and sure
enough without spending $300
it killed the virus for free

no more pop-up ads, no more numbers


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