it appears as if a vacuum is trying to dislocate
memory from the ancestral seams of our blood-truth, and
that we are becoming more and more warped and

morphed into strange-shapes no one can easily recognize, the
teacher-alien thing, with teeth the size of trademarks, rampages through
our food, but we are

familiar with the taste of water and the ways of the industrial safety-net of
grocery stores, what about their
animals, they must meet the minimal national standards, and that’s better than

in third world countries where, who knows what happens with those animals, but
twisted in the shapes of familiar-days in neighborhoods we know so well, in the
movies and in the heart of what doesn’t

register in these words as they are spliced in the rivers of mind-non-junkyard-
without-trenches or hiding in a cellar-wall, are these
undead then, the jumper cables, what is easily digestible, packets of

fake blood, the Silicon valley in our milkshake, the necessity for self-acceptance
at whatever cost, the money thing and how it rules our
activities, and how activities also may have dams to help channel the Rio Grande

as it tumbles through Taos New Mexico on it’s way to who-knows-where, what
scientists know, but we
the public do not, and conspiracy theories

wrap their tails round the shrapnel of entertainment, again more with the brain, and
as something needs to nibble, and we all do,
or bananas make penguins out of all of us, and then soon

rooms with padded walls, we
find what we can and digest as we will, unlike
grass fed cows, which are rare in these parts of the arm hair

sticking out and smelling up our talk this evening, but
if not minded long enough, mine shafts puke—
you should see Colorado’s rivers and the urban lethargy which inhabits them

needles of daylight stabbing at unbroken veins of
haunted skins hiding their humanity behind lies of what their grandparents were up to
living in the statue of tomorrow

for no other reason than
simply not knowing


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