coffee with its instruction
belting energy electric bill cut-in-half
come-clean green go with all light on

and never look back twice,
the-always-necessary, yet how
to respond, but get to the grocery store

purchase dinner for tonight’s
whatever-we’ll-be-having, and when
I do, we’ll finally have a breath of air, how

can this survive on such rich-grease—the potatoes
chickens saw in half with their eyes made of wire
from commercials, the tasty morsels hungry for

something closer to the skin of intimacy, but
skinned it was by
all this social media, who

can provide romance in this type of format, tragedy,
a beautiful consumption from screens, movies
tell me replacement of church is, only a replacement when it comes to

messages necessary for being, video games
chocolate covered peanut butter, popcorn


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