Human Beneath Layers’ Division

windows into operation of needling through
these plastics, and can’t blame anyone for attempting to, what
utility bill lies in resemblances

to then find and remember how these chords strike chorus
with what has been unseen
until now, and bland or poignantly the-rise-of-the-surface

enters your dreams as you close-those-old-eyelids of yours, and
take some thoughts not relevant to this, and let them scatter, sand
as they marble-dance their ceramics across pathways, life-times, geologies

they make co-intermingling gestures with, harmonies with—
with all of these construction sites and zones of vibrational orthodoxy, which
never condones but provides the necessary architectural aspirations—

spilling up out of the messes of delusional daylight-wake, finger
soft-grains’ cereal made number into bowl-ripened taste-buds, your
belly-fuzz, the stuff that grownups, grope for, yet



this is here, undeniable, cannot be ignored


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