Learn or Go Mad

migration with its occurrence a
sign language for the country-fried, who
cannot decipher how to read anything before their
flame-buried-eyes, smoke

waves but nothing is registered behind
regulations are only
threatened by the rattles of cages containing ingredients for a

super-vaccine, to clean the
debris of ecology friendly frontiers that claim, all this
baggage has place on a ballot, but

while such powers seethe behind briefcases of luxurious lizard-skin paper,
days find roost in the nests of their closure, and as
mouthfuls do not learn to invest in their ears, syndromes
arise as a mark of the times as said from a cloud-thunderous with horns of a

familiar nameless creature as scripted before when—yet
this misplaced window of unseen donations of attention to off-worth by the head
of those who
speak of river’s poisoned glow

only enrages masked percentages awaiting sidelines, sport-events and
reasons’ affinity for keeping whispers at bay,
must see

economics are
more important than anything

or so
ozone holes aren’t large enough yet, donut
hasn’t clogged heart-made-investments upon sugar
indoctrinated historical reference points, who

built history book
un-checked desked as a check mark, better
pass the grade


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