crystals contain information necessary for air
to see from transparency of being
able to inhale


and exhale exact
lung capacity, slowly
building archer-range, bows
a new
and looks towards horizon, and spots
a target

one attending moment upon each draw of light, gently placed
land-holding upon dent in the cleft of force-patience as it
cow-nibbles breeze-passed
equates to music significance in blade of grass, but this may

only distract if, not understood
is why we need
discipline, or the world will continually bath in bloods of blasted gaps harvesting on nebula, unintended in their scatter, bees

will regain the crown of their thorn royalty once distress horns have clarified the last
remaining dead, but
until then, we have lettuce, tomato, and two slices of bread on either side
waiting to squeeze

ourselves between, individual-choice or
a collective spinal-snap
from place to dislocation which resemblance true
equivalence, harmonics
finds justice in hell-bent necessity until it learns to breathe, but

this has yet to happen


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