Unstolen Light

unstolen light
remaining without a grip
in the palms of palm

the whole tree
too many on earth not

breathing left to
make houses yet

grow within or
struggle against the fold

in fascination of breeding airplanes
triple lane surgeries
intervention scissor-in and mantle-meanings

straight to place, simultaneously
places dismantle and regurgitate without taste, and these
are the fangs

necessary to equivocate breaches upon psychic terrains, trees
while unseen, still
remain, can you see the animals, a friend points at sky-nothing
non-bluffing bushes

set aflame, never escape
names, formulating un-drownable equations, again
a mis-seen

representation causes all suffocation from
a simple
a pack of metallic-teeth into the

sleepless ground, watery
eyed, red
administers watch their
clones level their

shapes into shame the ground resembles what was never
found in resemblance and this
beckons sadness, feel
it in your skin, in the

mouthful of saliva
a drink of water

bottled and hollering
a wall
doesn’t talk

continually ear-pressed, who
does, what
care in the package of a heart-pulp, tasty

ketchup mixed within limits
easy to watch video, YouTube, mummified
political spectrum, how
did you grow

what warts have not been exposed, on the
other side of this
camera-mountain something

what has been left
unseen, unsaid, preferably

but there, difference, reaching for dawn-line
nail length of graves
pull toward lawn-light, ligament-by-ligament, heave themselves

upright, this is
autumn talking

holding extension-light
ears already pressed in similar direction, how

to forge—and when all other
outside this fence
have forgotten, vestigial

palm-print, neglected-brain, trains
of airplane, wireless
capable of spider-less
webs these entrenchments, the brain

caged in silent cement smiling from its demise, we
see this

jar filled filth of a planet, the
one of love
the one

untouched by any of it remains, higher-vibration
as many harmonies as are as contradictions cars
breathe and eat

from same side as cows
even if nestled in the disembodied vows of their own
breathing, and this

provides an ability in working
with precisely what appearance suggests is necessary, and this
is a color-terrific fearlessness sending light-wave

perhaps translated knife-fights cutting away
conventional-placenta-abregadabra-high-school-remember-when-syndromes, the
automatic reactive-set of nuclear investment, mortgages
courting a generation without homes, hold

to their parents’ basement, and perhaps
become illuminated charnel grounds for resurrecting un-dead remembering their non-remembered bodies of being, as populative-forces of



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