The Middle

minutes pluck the cheerleader from these endorsed gravities, they
are necessary and contain more earth
than a single drop of GMO grain and that’s challenging to explain to a bloodline
carrying pigeon cyst formational advertising campaigns post-civil war
chaperones in their coffee, donkeys

understand high-beams beside horses awaiting trot, such
beautiful creatures a ceiling stands over-riding the telepathy of non-applicable demise, the
shunned diseased salamander-brain gangster pawning the chess of political-hair, every
twitch and fiber

of sex driven nail hammering gender-less equivalences into regulations of state controlled funds slowly distributing a quench across mathematics and displayed audio-cardiographs to the registered video-stations still in attendance, radio

active in every ounce of sugar-church robbing ingredients of the actual donut, keeping
hole where a non-existent key wouldn’t fit anyway, spillage
a single dollar-inventive remark keeps scar
theoretical appliance for addressing light-switches, which
don’t apply anyway, job-less

zits propagate mortgage-ceramics, built from moist dirt, and pasted on poles outside ceremonial-dig sites, visiting
hours of course are recommended, otherwise

too much lemonade could equal a mess of dandelions, no one wants to see
a snow blower in the middle of august, let alone a
leaf howling for its deer cousins in early October, there are

places which contain too much vaccine and it is
in our own best interest to stay out, while
changes of gadget acceleration obvious un-masked technology-bifurcates
duplex canvas sale escalator
accumulating nimbus around desired consistency, arguably
good for a new

provider, which dries the salmon from cavernous sleep and
dispels arguments among a vanished tide, the mountains
aren’t in the middle of water but in the center
of this

beautiful state of mind


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