Portrait of EveryDay

wire cut from
the operative
sent towards oceanic-view point of what
is not yet seen to the un-scene made from volcanic
decision makers to allow maintenance, of the now
currency to dislocate directivity from forming complete sentences

upon the monkey’s brain who
rooms upstairs in a coaster closet full of wagon-train-ghosts, that
wheeze in their huddled loom, those

folks in their chair-smell, denim
in a crooked worry
Wednesday off another sardine among stairwell, as a
signal to the

boring cannon-fire that
tonight is yet another among fishes swimming in nightgown, but
little reassurance, encouraged from dormant estuary within knowledge, can

as it retains cockpit formula after-breath ah-hah street light green card blade change during
autumn, and this
is all the sanctuary such small fingers afford, a frontal-lobe
knocking at the cylindrical-door
wobbling in the talkative-mood of dinosaur-sneezing brochure onto the grown-accordion

reestablishes what wood panels were for in their origin, while
docile and locomotive
the chain of reactive cabinets a desire in the nuclear-carton of milk

without a shrug of appreciative mouse crumb, the nimble and twilight lodged river-seam downs another apple, smash
on the double-chew, asked one
nostril a day for twenty, and all went in a foul sweep of too early to

count on a shoulder of crow-beak the parking ticket dividend haunts too many
circulation-child seats, as it
careen binoculars upon the ancient assemblage of morning, nothing

but darkness


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