Non-Losable Desire

horse hair has cob webbed these
corn fields too long and finally—
an airplane noise has ripped through the vine
grape robed in sardonic purple, finally
un-curtained, glares
from nipple-hard briefcase-centers of table-wood knocking
and sends chills from vibratory mountain-slides—those
pincers suggest upon
dust-haired difference a distance meets—and makes among an equator, and
then, there
as clouds stand and shrug with depths of sky-ponder—gleam
from a simple severance of singled pears-breathable around tin-foil foliage—frothing
in tilt-bloom, a weasel—who’s
teeth shine the Mary oyster parade of dawn reclining lawn chair nibble—with
whittled down chin-streets to their porcupine quill harvest—as
monkeys donate their trash hatched from cardiac denture-rags, brushing
their Thursdays with oil-musk—rivals
uncling twin-margins and disentangle from the
sideline canisters of redundant paint—
to shriek through the cloisters of non-affirmational divisions—as a
sign, the dawn has broken time, slept with space, and escaped
through a narrow hole of dimensional percentages not worth examining in detail, for
having out witted the realities of number, dawn
appears whenever wherever at whatever interval it


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