Of The Sky

irony, a membrane
of the physiology
of the sky

stares at us
stares deep into us and
ponders us

into addressing it
within us, O
there you are membrane

of reality, protruding
of the sky within, and it
pulsates at us

and this provides sensation
and how
we have covered our lives in our houses
in our children
in our grocery store routine

will reflect how we feel will
reflect how we address
neurological-discomfort, the pulse

the star in the sky in our beating, alone
realisms, where shades of
personality, temporarily
dislocate from the curtains or
how much we spent, a little

hole in the usual, a little
un-sellable non-buyable
gap in our ability to function, how

do we make up for this open-spot
where gears appear to work around the clock
to ensure we always have something in our mouths,
in our hands, in our eyes, on
our tongues, of our

how will we account for what
we can’t explain about ourselves to ourselves and then to
others, to our
other, to our other other

how then, and once
addressed, what then—?

do the curtains remain curtains
does over spending now have a place in our purses
of our accounts, our children
what of them, how

to address care and clothing
without murdering ourselves to do so, and
what will the neighbors say, or our
church, what will our
belongings say when we suddenly have small

sidewalk cracks in our Republican candy bag in our
Democrat recycling bin, in our
garbage disposal in the
puff of our pockets of smoke know one knows we carry, the habits

of our secret-clogged folds of discursive attraction-sites, the one’s
where celebrity personalities intrigue us, and our
anticipation for the movie of the year, or the Super Bowl provides
salivation to our
ears before its

season and we can’t wait until summer, and summer
has just faded away behind the reality television show of autumn
and if autumn gets judged out, then we got

and the circles in our eyes grow as we do
and those
unspoken, non-social,
undeniable, and unexplainable

within us,
irony a membrane of the
physiology of
the sky

now back to the commercials, and try
attentively to take note, or

a stranger, someone we’ve never met ,
never seen in our lives before, will
walk passed us, and

as he or she does
with a little dog or not, they



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