jasper are rocks red in color
beside me now, red

full of a dark reddish color
a thick red tone on the body of
the rocks, red

of the rocks
of our skin
when exposed or
of monthly exposure, rocks

which sit beside me and listen
to themselves redden before
each color, thick

in red tones, notes
of a body plays on, rocks
of the body,
notes which play beside each other

and listen to its color, jasper
it’s so
soothing and calm

it grounds energy
and keeps us centered, jasper
you’re number one, America’s
greatest wedding
a million dollar bike path
a governor’s wallet worth of daily spending, O

thank you great car door lump of jasper
who soothes and settles everything perfect, who
listens and watches with ease, intimately, yet as if
from a great distance, O

thank you great jasper
may your workings find their ways through these fingers
into the brains of others, who
hear your tapestries organize, then

re-organize, or
re-organize familiarities into organized
familiarities into a different
ordering than what’s familiar, o

thank you kind, gentle, wondrous jasper


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