gravity takes care of its young
its youth, gravity
does a great job taking care of its
children of its young-ones, gravity

is such a great guy, he
does such a great job, with all
the things he does, it

is such a handful for him
to do such a great
great job, to do
so much all the time, look

there goes gravity now
driving down the road,
driving here, driving there, driving everywhere, Mr.

on horseback
Mr. gravity sneezing, Mr.
gravity waving to Mr. Sunshine “good
morning Mr. Sunshine” gravity
what a great guy

he lives like a king in suburbia
he lives like a king on the toes of mountains, gravity—
has a family and a care-provider and a personality, gravity
what a switch he can be, two people at once, and female

his broken chromosome
true identity


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