A Rescheduled Non-Rescheduled Rescheduled Remained Scheduled Dr. Melaro Appointment

Dr. Melaro canceled his appointment

it only made sense with scheduling to get the rescheduled appointment for any day that wasn’t Friday after 2:30 pm

the only slot they had opened was Thursday at 4:30
which was in conflict with a meeting Roger attends only once a month

I called George to tell him know Roger wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting
George said ok

but Mary stepped in a few days later and said there was no reason why Roger couldn’t be at the meeting, leave early, and then go to Dr. Melaro—except that

Roger, who is very sensitive, didn’t want to go, here-there-and-everywhere, and that initially he thought it would be too much running around

I called George, gave him the update, Roger will be attending the meeting but leave early

but George told me it wouldn’t make sense for Roger to leave early anyway and to continue on as a Roger excused absence because there was another, important meeting, that starts at 4:30, George said he would let Mary know

George let Mary know during a moment when Roger’s father text messaged me letting me know that him and his wife (Roger’s mom Cindy) were changing the Dr. appointment so that Roger could attend the important meeting

I called George to let him know that I received this text message from Roger’s father, and he said he would inform Mary

(I had tried to call Mary throughout, but she never answered; I did leave a couple of voice messages, and one text message on her cell)

I later received a text message from Roger’s father again, saying he spoke to Mary and she was going to do the scheduling for now on and that Roger will attend the important meeting

later when Roger came home, I overheard him talking to his mom, Cindy, that he was going to go to the first meeting, then to the Dr., and then finally to the more important meeting

finally Mary text me: check your email!, which I did immediately

she had asked Roger 3x if he could handle going to the meeting, going to the Dr., and then going to the important meeting, and apparently Roger said yes, all 3 times, which became the working schedule for Thursday

I immediately put the information into the Google calendar so everyone could see it

I texted Mary to let her know I had done that

and she wrote Thank you! and I wrote back ☺ thank you Mary


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