Who Is

stripping away
the conventionality that has usurped personality
for the majority of being alive

someone who is peeling back the windows of fear
and sticking their neck out of a hole
and making room for actually holding space for what

is already stripped of everything, there
is nothing here

but possibility
an open-palm
absolute potentiality, a

electric and pregnant
awaiting to deliver life, what
will someone say

without a window of fear,
peel back
remain awake
as a personality instead of the conventional

thing-to-do but fill in the gaps and
rotate in silence as thoughts spin, and
violently cut space into what’s obviously

considered here, and
are stripping away the usurped powers
of life
that embedded and needled their way
into clogging it

with each peel away,
violently cut away
what obviously junks up

never goes away
without a window of fear
cut away
without a window of fear
there is room

to be stripped away
enter me here


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