fall is arriving with leaves on the ground
and color changes in places that weren’t
colored before, grounds which were not
covered in these ways before—

there is ground for new leaves to
cover, and
as new leaves fall
the ground is covered

with newly dead leaves, it is fall, fall
has arrived

changing colors, dropping leaves
onto places that were not covered previously, non-
previous places now covered in leaves, weren’t
populated with leaves in this way
during any time before—

there was no one to say how fall had
populated the ground in these ways, but
we know for sure
it was impossible for the ground to be populated
by colored leaves exactly in this way like this today

which is a tomorrow for new places which will be covered with leaves
and the ground of fall will be covered by places that fell
moments before, it is

today places are covered unlike ever before
by leaves on the ground, leaves
places that fell which moments before



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