have you noticed, this
isn’t a scream but
a mere whisper

a shrunken elf
a moaning chair
a broken stereo

outdated pharmacy co-pays haunt
houses no longer a tenant for

stalk the windows
search for a mouse

behind the screen
spam folder please, no

I wouldn’t receive on
time operations
need to know when shipping

occurrences radar targetable apprentice for
finding take-over when
ready to hand-off power-switches

keys and witches
instruction manuals

here wear these
tell me what you see, frogs

leaping out of the screen
into a pond

and found in the brain
as a piece of paper

with words
scribbled all over it

a receipt for the waiter
your copy finds itself to the wallet

and takes a drink
between leather, we

know what kind of leather you are thinking of
as the door closes and a day slips behind another
book ends close to meet eye lids shut for a neighboring stranger

each other, transparent
hand shake
is but our lips
as if you were not concrete, which
you’re not

as if

the house
the body is
were not for sale,

which it isn’t

as if

the body
you are weren’t a
football field

and a golf-course
Denver City
and a

as if

wires are protecting
you from
sewage seeping into

the business of these nostrils
whiffing up
all your hidden plans, dreams

and partner-relations, as if
feet walking passed your shuffling-sidewalk blouses

blocks of mildew
cramped into garage-smiles
swinging sunsets with sunglasses
over bridge-tipped east-slope for a nostril—

as if

humans weren’t

3 thoughts on “People

  1. I dig the animism that you bring to every day objects. I think this is the sign of a great poet. That ability to give charisma to a seemingly mundane environment. There is a great eye for detail here. Loved it, many thanx!

    Liked by 1 person

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