inside a junk
drawer full of
closet ironing

onto shoe
polish wishes
simply tattoo
their dentists
onto the soles
of their dictionary

custodian rights
to a squirt bottle
calls into place
requirements from a fed-ex
maintenance cloth

jelly-soaked in
rubbish, necessary
for keeping the chickens calm
during continuous rush hour, calculators

don’t have palms, can’t
own a house, mortgages,
and the air inside
these buildings, as if
diaphragm musculature

equals memories
which were conceived there, enemies
exhale also, dullness

in shade
the lonely
leave their faces

to fade on
the wooden floor, no
one approaches, zero

knocking on the door,
he’ll be here
soon to destroy us, the mountains

are really gold, if
factories are the cleft-chin
of an overweight talking-purse, who

its seat
can tell us accurate forecast, as

edge a sensational
to roof out the

couples of
sadness, necessary

within capsules
elevate out of specific

populated sockets
of eyeshadow
causing the ceiling

of religion to weep, not
necessarily a negative thing

down here,
we’re still human


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