Regardless Becoming Stretched Apart

it’s on the calendar,
dishes in the dishwasher

is tomorrow again

drive to horse back riding
walk to hair cut

then out to dinner,

this too will show on the calendar
this too will become cleaning


expectations junk a mirror, yet
set the reach for muscle-escalators, inside
this shoe-box
we polish regardless of time-zone differences,

adhere to the sole
keeping perfect company in perfect time
with demanded ozone

pressurized tanks replicate
what it is to have
lungs, gills

on the other hand
remain elsewhere, signed up
to remain within procedure, regardless,

becoming stretched apart
hammered to death
over the head with a dustpan,

money, what is it
paper and utility,
energy for the calming of an elevator

why not
we all need food, does it
provide a doorway

or mercury
high-risers understand, probably not,
extend the point to

galaxy edges of
checks with amounts on them,
redundancy becomes an issue

excess arm fat
who is awareness


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