Cash Ledger

The catalogue
does not shed a tear,
the computer
sells us
liquid ice, redundancy
a pillow,
sleep-tight twinkles in
sheets after long day of
mortuary-homework, formulating
tensions for a string, wrestles,
tomorrow coffee, provides
relief, gourmet
conversations, casting
shadow onto automatic-spilled
water, the sink
forgets thinking and negotiates
with idea, musk
crawls up
nostril-tunnel holes
in search of its missing,
or unfound dead, spiders
waltz along
pole-wire and do not sing, clouds
over head, a shower
without a tub, the rec
center instead, drinking
energy in electrical format,
foaming for
keys, major, minor,
alphabet, numbers, slashes,
dashes, ocean water
over our heads
into our throats, those
ours only signals for time
signatures on the paper, everything
I did


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