Listen Ear-Plugs

Finally here, it
took a whole

life just to


finally got it

grabbed it, this
silk stinky fish
of wonder, this

gill palpitating
in need of water-air

to breathe properly,
dinosaur replica

of nuance, here
finally found, respect

for furniture and
paychecks and people

giving orders, and its
finally now

we’ve gained
access codes

to pass
through secret doorways

and unbroken
non-delineated shafts of light,

single strands of DNA
haunt the corridor, no

one can tell us
what’s right, listen

ear-plugs, there
is a mess in the jar of whatever blinking

eyed maybe will appear, yet
wait for it, as it

does color,
nuance of the jar, upward

we see, one
sign at a time, but

sometimes, like
in this moment, when

the jar is simply
open, empty, and dilating

the orgasm of glass
reveals visions, like

a mirage, but felt
in the chest

it is true
the eye of the hurricane

goes in a direction, the
outcome of its

uncertain, but

nonetheless, we see

finally what it is
to see



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