O Because We Have To

a small scale
is something of a large mass
with meters and numbers in all directions


are the signals, which
can’t easily escape
still need

of the arm
to stand straight
and align
with tin foil
pieces of paper
to prove

part of a
greater remedy, now
stand back and listen

all of what ears
hear perching
against grains of sand
pecking through
needles of thumb-less
tacked brawl, set sail

dial formulating trash bins
can lids and kiddy crumped
penguins sliders grease stained
marble tidal facial cavern spades

wheeze a chrome
rigged lever with all
matters attention sets in, and scratches wall forming
triangulation to forth come assurance agent

laser eye lazy isle
walk till drum heap and bang swap
a churchy chicken crop clump chunk
plops swamp a coupon in gorged out reason of an eyelid

littered with bed
splintered note pads
ash cans and
pancreas oval stands
buying one more piece of furniture
then calling quits


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