Another Day

Enter this hole
and search around with this flashlight given
and see if the cave wall will begin to speak in
a language we all know
and can understand

it mumbles stories of cloud-houses with cloud-people
inside those
with their windows made of snow
and peaks of mountains jut
from the glass

to equate to a law in the world we know as
around us the translation doesn’t quite
but scratchy parts are soon understood
underscore, zero-in-on, and put aside until

further notice, when
suddenly a footnote
is dropped and, now
running to find the measure of what it
proposes, an action
is made of, in

this dimension fire-escapes are not
the same as
real towers with real
fire-escapes, in this

dimension water walks with fire hydrant husbands
and searches for their
meaning through the activity of daily paper usage, communication
devices, not just
cell phones, but what everyone can do from having learned to do from school

write, hand-write, as also
form for what lips do when her mouth is on his
love is also forest floor more than actual forest floor, what
nothing can replicate, but the Mona Lisa

theirs, a knot at the bottom of the balloon
lungs are supposed to open
doors are what they are for, not for
shutting in a wide-variety of light, the kite
Benjamin Franklin

flew to discover lightning does what—quick
hit the switch, or
that’s simply because to survive
the hand had to swat flies

corpus colossus
troubles in atrophy
itchy at what bodies
the separation between countries
fingers and sensational—necessary to
talk, there were

letters, syllables, words, if
the world is going down a drain why not
Titanic an engine or, too, a ship
goes to Pluto
but we can’t turn off a faucet

running water to death with a blanket of
social media, check the click
like a button and yes, dressed
in my…face-the-world-clothes, walked outside
to feel the temperature


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