Our Own Talking

each road of the tongue
unfolds from the platform
its tucked within

weight of what it is
to carry
a kitchen counter in the back pocket

what’s that jutting from the spinal
chord in silence
is that not a cell phone satellite spinning through space

in a suit of armor
the frog turns into a toad
the rabbit the hare

what difference does a market make when a market makes
whatever many makes it does

spoons are that confused too
ever stop and ask if silver is shiny or what’s

the surface of that kitchen counter,
truly muscle ready meat-loving hunting for, forward

the email and count to crow, she
holds air in an after-dinner party with
people we can’t even imagine are there,

wine and a little bit of help
from a Disney flick

the day a pile of
‘it just disappeared’ not
so bad for a Mr. Sunshine Mrs. Moon scene

but without a view
ahead in each temporal location of the true
human flesh

these bodies are from neighbors, to

and the spouse
over there, with massive chunks of Pluto
flying from direct

conversation, those must
contain envelopes too, fairy
dust and plenty of water

replacement surgery
for wishing
and that’s a relief a real

relief a relief a real
relief from continuing war
for now of course whether it’s seen or not….

ever have someone from the other side of life
contact you?




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