In the foreground whether it is seen or unseen remains the constant reality of money. Money stems from the ground and is spreading. It contains all the ingredients and soldiers of each and every instant cup of coffee. We can’t help but gain some money.
It is necessary to do so, otherwise we wouldn’t be fulfilling the necessity of living with a computer and all this something of public fountain water, and making a living is fulfilling a table and a plate and a family if that is so desired or already brought to bare upon the foreground of all this meaning.
Mending each instant with another simply requires money. To drive here or there, now fly here or fly there, requires something, walking maybe less, but still most of them wear hiking boots around here, if it isn’t noticed, then there is something missing.
Most of us can’t ignore the foreground smelling of all its disease and obvious color of entertainment and the joy it brings to children and young ones who aren’t tall enough to reach the counter. When we were small we enjoyed ice cream and the movies and we still do but we are not small and it costs more now that it is up to us to pay for everything.
for the means of being and abiding within the cost of living like losing someone forever or friends you can’t purchase at the grocery store, or temporary all things are, and then whittle away when a sad thing to lose those muscles after decay of the body and research proposes new strategies but in the present moment it is the present moment to find yourself withering.
Upon the scene of this multitude of movies, as we are watching each episode memory pass by from what was before, into, in front of eyes. The simple and meaningful things of surrounding money. We need
all these things or there is no gasoline in the car we find ourselves driving and this isn’t fun for anybody except for what we can do to finally fix the sink and the leak brought about from generations of not bearing witness to the heart of the matter in anything except always staying about the region in case of the event women. And of
course all is and was inevitable and to feel just as angry on it as anyone else and yes now of course thank you are the, for without articles there is nothing but, broken noting look at the spine-less realisms of his
tory. Opaque money
buries deep seed-soil present why this cutlery and silver upon with a quick wash over. We are
all together in this, thankful foreground of the constitutional rights for money bears mark of what remains/ed theoretical, but take for instance these instant and then vanishing because we can all laugh upon same foreground recognition, as if you can do so you have money, somewhere within you around the corner in the bank thank you. As the end of a sentence prison bars behind century link forest fire theatre times and showcases of jewelry.
We all must buy from time to time buying this very instant cup of thank you from festival as the circus reveals flip-phone picture book watching drawings spread across page-less sky the screen is. Now drag your body to the car and keep working as is it is to paragraph a newspaper by events that said and the events that remain unsaid in space-time personal memory ovary.
Flash forward present tense third person omniscient we because people of the foreground are here from forefathers foremothers bearing upon their weight a chest of necessary money, in search of it and now placed before this ghost of an imprint shadowing through all location/s as following a dog trail as the shadow of a bat stays focused on prayer books at hand cutting open those stigmata birth-mark-camped side long faces of relevance, coinage and operation—we the
find that money is of a necessity to breathe eat and sleep thank you.


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