Exhale again as car outside this was as now is not what it is is now and this is what this is as only what this is and only is what only is as is only when what only is when and only when is only when when only when is only when is only and when only is we are too, and this makes all of us, whether we like it or not or are upset by the fact or the fact of the one two three quality of the alphabet must haunt us and it does circulate around this and brings about breath from distance of the gut and desire is frolic off places not relevant here immediacy of site-seeing on target where essential is only essential and these are all mustard oregano for immediate thumbprint making us all one thing entangled inside bullet proof spider silk vest formulation costume concentric circle purple bring bring red on back of truck needs telling us what breaks are for formally advising stickers on mind-bush what bush of the mind contort can contain can and must and proclaims and claims a pertinence with and within reach of every and immediate sternum groping a hard-surface from an extending wireless computation where individually letters were about to collide but pulled airports out of their sector before tracks took off shore rides down the center-less post which was not intended happening anyway in every direction simultaneously, friends.


One thought on “Community

  1. Mesmerizing. Is this what some call “free-flow” writing? I’d like to give this a go myself; it seems so freeing, almost as if you’re allowing yourself to be carried along the steam of thought without trying to exercise control.


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