Brochure For A New Home

And in every location simultaneously as this occurs here to adhere with all measure of its immediate stance as the stance of a measure of its own accord, to provide such stretch to the durable and fantastic arrangement, a cloak one wears when wearing one’s own whereabouts, as is lost without finding and found without finding and dislodged from the fines of another country, thank you and paid bill on time yet still needed another notification for some reason without knowing why nor understanding exactly there was this in the mailbox yesterday not presently something needs addressing.
Having nailed down the specific.
Here among the many of the many who wash their clothes.
Among the connective.
Heard in the allegory electrocution was okay, now, off to complete sentence and, of a life-time, this is not a debate, not a debate nor a handle and how many can, it is unsure, yet rest while we do till resting does what when and have to pay for resting when needing substitute from because upstairs can’t be alone without anyone here and this makes a situation not necessarily a problem only if can’t find person who can fill in shoes and wear them tightly and nifty with complete regiment and without question as to dietary restrictions constricting release when necessary and can and does as appointed, yet must remain, as just came back from stretch a stitch a stint in forest-floor room where animals and all their considerable parts are and made without factories. Now remember.
Hands of course where shakes occurred and this presents past-tense.
Without handle there are no resolutions. Continuance.
Margins hanging from off-beam without center-less amplitude if this, if this, accomplishes itself in window approximate than affect more affirmation than affirmation pamphlet bought when downward spiral contest with downward arrival time signature upon non-requested funeral, nifty and jinx, the pocketbook of paradox slides across Velcro shoes laces sandwich newspapers nibbling French fries neck ties and briefcase scenarios coupled with shampoo dentists digging their forgeries for atlas-eyed country marked pancake slices, the type font helpful when fork-dialing palettes on noodling companion groupie starfish, but that’s a specific in a nutmeg helpful in those arenas.
Next staring through binocular are the goat-mannequins.


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