Away 8/12 – 8/18

9,000 feet up to Sangre de Cresto mountain-range
in a cabin
without running water or electricity

looking out onto an empty
open valley
that stretches for miles and miles

all the way to
the other side of a parallel
mountain range


the amount of weather
from one end to another

yet thunder clouds rolling in
then wind
and after rain

rainbow, hail
of course, at times,
and all the wildlife

deer, owls, bears
foxes, song-birds, lizards
large cats, mice and

everything between, the
trees, pine, it’s
dry, there are rock

descendants of Pangaea

I want to express my appreciation
for you:

thank you so much for engaging and attending my blog posts!
It really warms my heart and brings me such joy!

I will be back in a week and I look forward to reconnecting then,

are in my heart!


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