Knowing Everything Is Fine

Time is hunting us down, there
in the distance, can’t you see it Roger?
No, that’s an elephant, the thing
no one wants to talk about
on TV, the news cast is your Great Uncle Joe
boring as hell, boring as what it is to
gain information on the weather


And all must be normal over here in the sunny-
side of town, where the eggs go splashing
and the oven is always on, yes

there is nothing wrong with the oven, and
everything its baking, always on
it must remain so or the sun will die and people will become
the harvest of radiation

and no one wants that, so
why not simply comply?


We took a deep sigh when we found out it was gong to rain tomorrow,
we finally knew someone
could die just like how we suddenly knew the sun would make a great ornament
as a window decoration

hanging from the pane, dazzling in the light, rainbows
over the carpet, we knew then
everything was fine


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