Durango In A State Of Environmental Emergency

time has cut holes in the hands of people and said
these are the resemblances of
necessary manufacturing logos for our people

some people knew this wasn’t right but others
still experienced miracles
it was hard to account for how to account for what was right

but right and left were not too much of a debate because
what was left was left in the hands of experience why
accountability had to charge all its remains for prices no one could afford

for school-children books and their brain in those books
we don’t quite understand but understand enough when alcoholic and
grocery store bunnies and clothes preaching never do anything

about addressing discrepancies but continue to talk
close your eyes
at the unclosed eyes of the unclosed decisions to bomb and find ways for
economic control regardless of the houses of animals and the neighborhoods of trees

regardless of what can’t speak in human language
all of that set aside
now let’s count our holes

and get a good night sleep


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