Three Four

listen scribbles march their tongues until houses fall off the surface of constituted orbit, and the world stands-cardboard-manikin-still while the sun continues to pound the surface-of-flesh, as days upon haze accumulate gravity’s doppelganger, and bakes cakes in the lap of a shelter, but wait, there’s more dinosaur bones yet to be discovered, a hole in the earth worms crawl out of, where myths and submarines exchange text messages, and links to genetic make up are cuffed at their DNA plastics, everything is handicapped, says the speaker of the house, as he gathers a large gulp of coffee into a barrel for a mouth, mountains are similar don’t you agree, (stick it, ticket, report it, and share), the drops of faucet talk to the dinner-hair, with each new tea-spoon sugar dances a lifetime of ball-room joy, each shoe cost five hundred, this is a pair of air, one two


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