Ordinary Life

in a sundial, tornadoes jump suit

ushering trash cans
against gravel

granite counter tops
soup kitchens

labels that read organic;

sponge dropping ice cakes
placenta unravel
various districts a dentist recommends


collecting evidence
found frothing coffee
plastic scattered throughout the garden
talking of magenta


frolic blackberry lipstick
toucan-mustache, a Dorito
crunch replica houses
units of

dumped pistachios feasting on
fasting harvest;

maintain silhouette
corridor panic, hands
of the clock suggest, slow

airplane helmet on
died in world war two;

tea however not caffeinated
creaky ceiling

night time crickets
swarm of graffiti
ears of corn


to switch blades with a
swatch tile roof for breakfast

but meanwhile

dunk a last chagrin-mailbox
pieces, would require
too much toothpaste, therefore
better wait later

dog bark

again in the mortuary
passing vanilla cupcake
baby just to

talk to you


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