mated with a squirrel
with cole-slaw with
thorn-patch with a nut-ball

with a veggie shake
with a class room
with too much silence and not enough

John cage

mated with
purple exchanges tourmaline
focused cork-screw

a knife over an orange plate
spread butter

hot-cake vanilla-chipmunk bun
cupcake pumpkin spice soap
coconut drama chicken-drum tantrum

mated with
milkshake souvenir contest
corset double-cheese burger
corrugated onslaught
mucus membrane monkey

grownup decorate
ormemental nub-nub
cut-funk manila

marshmallow collect-o-runt
hocus pocus

view toolbar margin
ground up gourd-cough

corn row
horse trash radish itch

I’ve mated with
cake clutch
goo goo run

muscle-ton toner cartridge
groupie conservative
noodle-factoid molecular casserole

clock-out dish rag
cash roll mole hill
vole infested garden patrol

salad capturing class-fed
cactus ladders
passing out under

rabid tree
hunting for lurid caterpillars

for an atlas
mated with an atlas

with a cup of coffee
with a donut
with exposure

with forgiveness
with shower water
with persistent misunderstanding

and cocoa powder
and Earl Grey
and shoe laces


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