Finally Flickers On

Days leave their alphabets in tact in the arrangement you find them in
here is a soup spoon full of arranged talk shows
in this one, a hole of the earth is seen from space
suits worn when tying rope
the shortage of spitting in this bucket
wind chimes appear from centrifugal and tip air to pour spoors into spinal column of hollowed milk thistles, stairwell distanced to basement, and control room awaits us
button up and press location
double check accelerator, here comes a hiccup
nether bump, mid-section afternoon
always traffic reruns and Thursdays
junk in the mailbox behind the molar’s witness optical allocation previewed tree-circulation
the hundred and one spot of a sidewalk
gum blade all these evacuations
accentuate circle in purple
now number three
it fit the broom handed
glove to reinforce all indoctrination
slowly learning to grow up
hundreds of us watch moon light
middle a muddled of melted mending meddling in mental meltdowns
o the donut
one hundred percent
count down
unleashing beasts of static
white flops of gallop splashes
fish tank
the bowl in the recipe
ingredient number two
now for a Frisbee
another fist and the world goes zoom
on top of a coach moment, yet dissolving within sodium
the chair of a spoon
swirl, twirl, baboon
loneliness needles against grain
blades of fan ceiling torn and sand
showers forth with soap
cud on district lips formulate tide
welcome home format
font in neon blue, like that
clicked walls off as days semicircle calendars, unweaving thread lines
octopuses’ shoreline
receding hair line
a realistic dictatorship over mankind
wolves and aides
hearing loss
the mobile phone, mobile home
one hundred percent galactic, milk, and tooth-paste, organic
continents collide
leveling masterpieces of Mona Lisa
dislodged religions roll
nuts for squirrels
crows watch from tree-top
wind enters and does the ballroom, then leaves, no one applauds
get out, get out now
marmalade smear, organs, tulips, grass fed cows
vehicles packed in spot, lose ticketed hair
the garden plot
this lodge helps keep cold the barnacle of wrist totems, when outside
ceramic encroaches with razor sharp teeth preparing to devour
sour air, a friend
obsidian necklace treats seconds, mantra
cycle through recycle
again found article the
it showed us how to play golf
wasn’t interested in buttons
stolen planets circulate oxygen to the brain, a canal temporarily relieves passengers from feeling obligatory reactive divides between their sensations and what the senator has requested to arrive
one hundred percent tidal wave
the stolen vehicle found tipped over on the side of mountain-ledge
heard a grownup growl
birds in the foreground chirp
windows are friends
once upon a mist-tricycle dot flooring, there were spore splats and vermin-gnats a vortex-cherry
screw, nail, hammer
spit runs down the chin of these equivalents
matches a drumstick with a thigh bone chicken wing
wanton noodle boost
the healthy thing about chocolate is
it digs, it does
caps water plug, soon hot-tub.


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